Find Spy/Hidden Cameras Hidden Devices Debugging Mumbai

Find Spy/Hidden Cameras Hidden Devices Debugging

Debugging Services in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Finding and eliminating hidden cameras and recording devices in homes, offices, cars etc in Pune. Debugging is a methodical process of finding and reducing the number of bugs, or defects, in a computer program or a piece of electronic hardware, thus making it behave as expected.


We utilizes state-of-the-art electronic countermeasures equipment, applied tradecraft, and a thorough physical search, we will sweep the entire radio spectrum for clandestine transmitters, hidden microphones, wireless video cameras, tape recorders, and phone taps. We will inspect vehicles for listening devices or GPS tracking units.


If electronic devices have been placed in a home, office, business or vehicle, we will locate them, and neutralize them, sometimes we are able to also track backwards and are able to info who in the first place and placed them.


Bugging is currently the easiest way to get information from any parties, we as Mumbai's foremost authority in private investigations highly recommend that a site debugging is carried out for bugs, hidden audio/video devices, etc. A "bug sweep" (sterilization) is performed to locate a bug, wiretap, audio or video device in an office, residence, cell phone, car, land line, or numerous other places where eavesdropping can occur. Bug sweeps can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days, all depending on the complexity of the bug, and severity of the breach. There are no bug detection services available although some fly by night operators may claim to be capable, thus you should choose the service that provides the most comprehensive spy detection, telephone bug detection, and surveillance detection. Just keep in mind that anybody with Power, Money, Influence, or access to personal, sensitive, or classified information or documents is at serious risk for electronic eavesdropping.


We as one of the oldest private detective service provider in Mumbai, Maharashtra highly recommend all who are at a risk of having their activities recorded to carry out our debugging services at their offices, cars, homes, etc.


Is your home or office bugged? Sharp Detective Agency Mumbai is a fully licensed, bonded and insured private detective agency in Mumbai, Maharashtra that can successfully perform bug sweeps and offer expert debugging service. We’ll easily find the hidden microphones, transmitters, and video cameras that may have been illegally placed in your home or office. You will soon regain that peace of mind that comes from knowing that confidential conversations, corporate secrets, and other sensitive information are safe and secure.


Safeguard your valuable information by electronic sweeps that detect, identify and neutralize bugs in the form of micro transmitters that transmit your voice outside the premises, micro video transmitters that transmit video as well, besides micro recorders that record voice as well as videos of important conferences, boardroom meetings, prelaunch strategies etc. The bugs could be in your telephone instruments, telephone lines, power lines, cars etc which could go un noticed during sweeps by amateurs posing as experts in this field.


Our technical surveillance countermeasures sweep includes the following:

• Total RF (radio frequency) spectrum sweep - 200 Hz to 12 GHz
• Carrier current sweep - 20 KHz to 400 KHz
• Infrared transmission sweep
• Microwave (X-Band) transmission sweep
• Cell phone bug sweep
• Microphone sweep
• Radio transmitter sweep
• Video transmitter sweep
• Hidden video camera sweep
• Audio recorder sweep
• Acoustic leakage inspection
• Phone taps (includes recorders and transmitters) sweep
• Vehicle active and passive GPS sweep

Most locations where bugs are hidden:

1. Board Rooms before and during important meetings
2. Important Offices
3. Car
4. Residences
5. Farm Houses

Our abilities:

1. Detect all kinds of radio frequency transmitters in a facility.
2. Detect all kinds of audio as well as video recorders.
3. Detect covert microphones.
4. Detect all kinds of telephones taps.
5. Detect carrier current Transmitters.
6. Detect Spread Spectrum Transmitter.
7. Detect GSM Bugs

Its is of utmost importance if you feel your phones or home/office is under surveillance or is tapped, do not call from that location but call us from a local telephone booth or come and meet us at our office premises.

There have been many a queries about locating hidden cameras and audio devices, spy gadgets hidden and covertly recording conversations and movements inside homes, corporate offices, cars, etc, this locating of such spy devices is called debugging, we have several devices that are used to help us identify where the secret device is actually hidden, our job as the foremost detective agency in Mumbai is identify the device, point it out to our clients and leave, we do not take the responsibility of disturbing the device or identifying who has installed it. Our pricing for detecting hidden devices in Mumbai, Maharashtra depends on the size of the property, to give you an idea a 1000 sft (standard 2 BHK property, with kitchen, bathrooms, sitting room, etc) full furnished shall cost around 35,000/- +Taxes and time taken ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours.


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